Economy 60 WK3 doors

The Jansen-Economy 60 WK3 door construction has been successfully tested at the Institute for Window Technology (IFT) in Rosenheim.

To ensure that the tested level of protection is achieved in practice, the following fittings must be used:

* Multipoint lock 555.330, 555.331 or 555.332, 597.041, 597.042 or 597.043
* Strike plate 555.334 (for main lock) or electric strikes
* Strike plate set 555.335 (for ancillary locks)
* Cylinder protection 555.338/555.343 (or alternative, comparable protection)
* Rebate securing blocks 555.340
* Rebate lever bolt with handle lock 555.381 and reinforcement set 555.342 (for double-leaf doors)

We recommend you use the tried and tested Jansen drilling jigs.