The VISS Fire system with a wide range of additional components, such as fire-proof anchor, stainless steel clamping sections etc. keeps the glass in the right position in the event of fire and prevents this way the entry of fire and smoke. Numerous projects and a host of international tests and approvals in classes E30, E60, EI30, EI60, EI90 attest the reliability of VISS Fire with respect to thermal insulation and fire protection.

AB b viss fire TV


Materials / surface finishes * Uncoated steel or hot-dip galvanised steel strip, suitable for powder-coating or stove-enamelling
Loadbearing constructions * VISS system profiles 
* Designer profiles (Linea) 
Construction types * Mullion-mullion-transom construction 
* Mullion-transom-mullion construction 
* Welded and/or push-fit construction 
Equipment * Doors within curtain walls
Special technical features * Face widths 50 mm 
* Installation depth 50 - 140 mm 
* Infill element thickness 5 - 70 mm 
Test certificates * Tested in accordance with EN 1364 
* Fire protection classes E30 / E60 
* Fire protection classes EI30 / EI60 / EI90 
* Product standard curtain wall in accordance with EN 13830 
* Clamp connection AbZ Z-14.4-465 
* Mullion-transom connection AbZ Z-14.4-467 
* Swiss fire protection approvals