Jansen Productnews 2015



Innovations and renewals

The leading trade fairs are finished and where succesfull once again. Jansen (BAU München) and ODS (FACADE 2015 in Utrecht) did present a number of interesting new features and innovations, such as:

- Sustainable construction with Jansen systems.
- The expansion of the Art 15 profile renovation series.
- The expansion of the VISS system with new profiles
  with large spans (8 to 10 meters) and accessories
  heavy glass or panel elements (up to 1900 kg.). 
- VISS facade pivot doors.

For those who diden't had the opportunity to visit these fairs and is still interested, we would like to refer you to our brochures:

Art 15 documentation New features documentation
 Art 15 brochure  New Features 2015